Members of the group My Sister Jane will get together one last time for a CD release party Saturday, Dec. 17, at the Cinema Bar at Spanky's, 45 W. Broadway. Doors will open at 9 p.m.

The new release, titled "Big Dirt," features the band's best work, drummer Julie Lueder believes."It took over a year to record," she said. "But the time was worth it."

The release actually marks the end of My Sister Jane as a group. Because of rock 'n' roll's demanding lifestyle and unrelenting schedules, the band, composed of Lueder, Sally Shaum (bass/ vocals), Trace Wiren (guitars/ vocals), Martha Bourne (guitars/vocals) and Shelley White (percussion/ vocals), disbanded earlier this year.

"We really wanted to finish this project," said Lueder. "We all believed in the material. It's more mature and, for the lack of a better word, eclectic."

Lueder said My Sister Jane will play at the party, but each member will also have time in the spotlight to offer some solo material.

"This performance or these performances will show life does go on," she said. "We were hit with the fact that we needed to tour and do this full time or quit. I just bought a house and couldn't leave for the road. And while the band was trying to find a replacement, they realized it wasn't going to work."

The new album will be available at all Blockbuster Music stores and Gray Whale CD outlets.