The City Council has approved a rezoning application for 49 acres along U-193 to accommodate a possible new college site in Davis County on the border between Layton and Clearfield.

Although only 10 to 20 acres would actually be used for the new college site if selected next month by the Utah State Board of Regents, Mayor Neldon Hamblin said the extra acreage could support the amenities that surround a college."It's still in the hopper," Hamblin said of the land bank selection for a higher education site in Davis County.

The property is owned by William Cowley, Jeanne W. Taft and Virginia Cutler. Its new status of commercial number two zone would accommodate a college facility.

A resident at a public hearing on the rezoning said he would like to see the land automatically revert back to agricultural status if it is not selected for a college site, butHamblin said that was not possible.

He said property owners would have to return to the council to request another zone change if the site is not selected.

There are also two sites in Farmington under consideration.