Have the Bosnian Serbs at last decided to negotiate the size of their victory? Enter Jimmy Carter. That is, re-enter Jimmy Carter.

"I didn't call him, he called me," Carter said when Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic announced they had been in contact and offered a series of "concessions" to halt harassment of the U.N. Protection Force in Bosnia and to observe a cease-fire around Sarajevo.Nobody really dares tell Carter publicly not to go, neither Washington nor the U.N. But you can already hear the groans in Western capitals that he will wreck the halting international peace efforts now under way, break up the cooperation between Russia and the Western democracies and somehow let the Serbs off the hook.

But how do they say no to a former U.S. president who after all has brought about settlements of sorts in both North Korea and Haiti?

-Wilbur G. Landrey

St. Petersburg Times