Daughter of Belva and John Leslie Reynolds, born in Salt Lake City December 10, 1911, died at her home December 16, 1994.

Mother attended Brigham Young University just long enough to write the school song, only to discover that drinking coffee truly was prohibited. She then transferred to the University of Utah where she became a very proud member of the Chi Omega Sorority and editor of the school literary paper, drank coffee, and graduated from the school of social work.She wove her passions for design, mothering, arts, literature, and people into many professional and volunteer careers. But her hallmark was in music, where she generously gave so many of us joyous hours singing around her piano. Being the perfectionist, wit, and rebel that she was, she celebrated her own funeral five years ago.

Our gratitude to Helen, Debbie, Susan, and Linda of Salt Lake Community Nursing and Hospice. With great love and affection, Boyce, Alyce, Kent, Buck, and Alix.

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