Lots of families call the Sub for Santa program and offer to help. But not many of them offer to adopt 20 families with four or five children apiece.

That's exactly what happened Friday afternoon. And while the unprecedented generosity didn't take care of all the families waiting to be sponsored by a substitute Santa Claus, it certainly raised spirits around the Sub for Santa office.The generous man, who was horrified that he might attract some publicity for the deed, requested that his name not be released. Asked how he can afford to help so many people, he explained that he has a fairly large family of adult children who are all going to pitch in and split the duties and fun.

Lots of people are banding together in interesting and innovative ways to help families who would otherwise not be able to provide holiday cheer on Christmas morning.

Gold Cross Ambulance employees kicked in $1,000 to help out.

A study group decided that rather than meeting this week, they'd spend the time shopping for people who are less fortunate than they are.

Each year, six families who are neighbors get together to exchange gifts and share a holiday meal. This year, one of the families instead decided to donate what would have been spent on gifts to the Sub for Santa program. They presented each of the other families with a lovely card and a note that said, in essence, we all have a lot. This year, let's do something for others.

The holidays seem to bring out the best in people. They also point out the serious needs.

There are still hundreds of children to be adopted for Christmas. If you can help, either by adopting a family or donating so someone can do the shopping, call 237-2139 or 237-2017.