Present value of $10,000 investment made January 3, 1994 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close.

Our horses' holiday is hectic as they approach the wire, but they still found time to celebrate the season with a veritable financial film festival of yuletide classics. The saver steeds found that "It's a Wonderful Life" if you invest conservatively. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-day CD remain in first, second and third after respective gains of $11, $10 and $7. Blue Chip and Gold are singing "A Christmas Carol" after the ghost of profits present graced them with gains of $28 and $87 to put them in fourth and fifth respectively. Lipper Mutual, however, got Scrooged out of $4 and is currently in sixth. Lipper International and OTC found out "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" the hard way. The ghoulish Grinch grabbed green from both, taking $162 from Lipper International to drop him two places to seventh, and he pilfered $109 from OTC to drop him one place to eighth.