We applaud Jon Huntsman's courage to say no to the promoters who want taxpayers to bear the risk of a shortfall from the 2002 Olympics. The Olympic promoters remind us of the people who continuously write and talk against our state and federal governments except when they see a chance to exploit them.

It seems to us that the Olympics would only cause our state to devote more of its energies to promotion and add to our image as a state of promoters, when our state needs to focus more of its energies on families. Instead of promoting service firms, such as those to support the Olympics, we need to attract firms that pay wages that enable families to live on one income. We do not want any of our taxes to pay the costs of the Olympics, but we would be willing to pay more taxes to benefit families and improve education.Low wages have their payoff in fathers and mothers who both have to work to subsist, and frustration and tension in families and increased demands on welfare agencies.

Henry L. and Carol Miles