In view of the unwarranted attack on West High's choral music program from Eric Bauchman, whose Jewish family recently moved into the Highland High area from New York, we wish to voice our strong support for West High's Richard Torgerson and his outstanding choral music program.

Torgerson's musical knowledge and abilities could take him anywhere, but he chose to combine his two great loves - music and young people - to teach choral music in high school. For more than 20 years he has given more than the required amount of time and energy to his students.Being sensitive to West's ever-increasing diverse student population, Torgerson has, over the years, included a wide variety of cultural, ethnic and religious numbers. He has also made special efforts to have certain songs translated into other languages, providing an even greater cultural experience for our students. His Christmas repertoire always reflects that same level of sensitivity. Thanks, Mr. T! You have endowed your students with an awareness and respect for all humanity.

Michael and Evelyn Jankovich and family

Salt Lake City