The Secret Service has found the bullets - but not the perpetrator - in another bizarre shooting at the White House.

Someone fired at least four shots from behind the White House early Saturday morning, leaving bullets in the State Dining Room, beneath a Christmas tree outside the president's back door, on the rear driveway and on a landing off the first-floor balcony.President Clinton and his family were asleep in their residence, one floor above the State Dining Room's level. They were never in danger, the Secret Service said.

Investigators said there were few clues in the case and no description of a suspect.

"If somebody out there starts bragging, maybe we'll get somebody," said one law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Right now, we have nothing to go on."

The Secret Service is still reviewing its security procedures after a small plane crashed on the south grounds in September and a gunman sprayed the front of the White House with bullets less than two months ago.

In the previous shooting, one bullet broke through a window of the press room in the West Wing.

Saturday's shooting left a bullet in the executive mansion, where the president lives. It pierced the dining room window a few feet above where the plane crashed "and just fell near the window - plop," the official said.

Investigators didn't find the bullet at first because the hole was hidden behind a Christmas wreath.

Another bullet was found beneath a Christmas tree just outside the Diplomatic Entrance. It left a skid mark on the ground before coming to rest harmlessly on the ground.