Sue Fleming, a 25-year nursing veteran and employee with Intermountain Health Care, is taking on the community.

Fleming has been named assistant administrator for Community Integration, a new position at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for the Utah County IHC hospitals.The position will help define health-related issues within the community and will act as IHC liaison to the community, Fleming will work in collaboration with other agencies to determine how to improve health in the community.

"We're trying to make an effort to work into the community and improve services," Fleming said. "One of the best things going for us in Utah County is people are cooperative."

Fleming said the first group she will work with is Dr. Joseph Miner and the City/County Health Department. She has also contacted the United Way and it agencies and will meet with businesses and organizations to determine the communities needs.

Fleming and IHC took on a challenge issued a few years ago from health-care futurist Lee Kaiser. He predicted the wave of the future would go beyond caring for people in a hospital setting. If hospitals really want to care for their communities, they will have to look at the whole picture, not just the hospital piece.

"IHC is willing to devote a person to help with that - the connecting of people and businesses in the community," Fleming said.

Fleming said as she visits in the community she will look at areas where there is duplication and perhaps find areas where needs are being met. For instance, the southern end of the Utah county could be served by more clinics.

"We'll represent IHC to the community on boards and other committees," Fleming said. "We want to develop initiatives so members of the business community will find themselves involved.

In addition to developing innovative methods to enhance existing services, Fleming will implement needed services to the under-served or mis-served populations.