Novell has released four new products in time for the holiday season: PerfectOffice 3.0, PerfectOffice 3.0 for Windows, Netware 4.1 and LAN Workplace for Macintosh 2.0.

The products, some of which were due out earlier this year, were shipped mid-December. Meanwhile, the 1994 fiscal year end results are in, with a $2 billion reported revenue.Novell's anticipated revenue for 1995 is expected to rise with the release of products. Yet the overall revenue was up 9 percent in 1994 from the fiscal year 1993 figure of $1.83 billion.

Novell posted $207 million in net income in 1994 compared to $41 million the year before. On a per share basis, net income was $.56 in 1994 - up from $.11 in 1993.

In the fourth quarter of 1994, net revenue was $486 million, down 5 percent from the $509 million for the same period in 1993.

After fourth quarter nonrecurring merger and restructuring charges of $61 million, net income was $20 million, down from $103 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 1993.

Fourth quarter earnings were $.06 per share, down from $.28 per share for the same 1993 quarter.

Excluding the effect of fourth quarter merger and restructuring charges, earnings were $61 million, or $.17 per share, down from $88 million or $.24 per share in 1993.

Total revenue grew 9 percent on a year-over-year basis although it varied for product groups. NetWare product sales grew 11 percent to $1 billion.