Many of us sincerely hope that "a few citizens in Utah" such as Wayne E. Spencer (Forum Dec. 9) will continue to speak out for their cause. He serves us well in reminding us of the congressional mess from which we fortuitously extricated ourselves in the recent national election.

I wonder, however, just how long it will take the likes of Spencer to get it. It's really not complicated. We simply don't agree with the policies of the liberal Democratic Congress which, for 40 years, haven't met the worthy expectations of the American people. The anger expressed at the voting booth was both well-aimed and richly deserved.The rare good accomplishments of the current administration and Congress such as NAFTA (and now GATT) were achieved only with strong Republican support against the president's own party. President Clinton was right on these two items; the rarity of his correct position deserves special mention.

By what convoluted thinking does Spencer link Iraq and Haiti? Most conservatives supported our action in Iraq during President George Bush's watch as vital in order to protect the free flow of oil to the world market while viewing the Haiti debacle as a silly way for Clinton to try to save face and appear resolute. Attempting to establish (not restore) democracy in Haiti by installing a despot like Aristide should not have ever been on our national agenda.

The implication that the voters may be having second thoughts about the election is not only presumptuous but silly and groundless. We recognized exactly where the deception was coming from; we took precise action in the voting booths and are very satisfied (read: ecstatic) with the outcome. Liberal Democrats should really make an effort to understand that their policies of more federal government control are simply wrong and do not meet the worthy needs of the majority of Americans who have learned that the proper role of government is to encourage opportunity, not servitude, for its citizenry.

John T. Parkinson

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Spanish Fork

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