The United States obviously faces some serious environmental problems, most of which are related to an ever-expanding population. Unfortunately, huge numbers of environmentalists have veered from the path of rationality. Many of these groups now bare an eerie resemblance to fanatic cults.

Animal equalists advocate the notion that the cockroach must be given equality with man. Individuals holding similar views now raid research facilities destroying years of research work. Kooks who have apparently read "Bambi" too many times are suspected of having murdered several hunters in the Midwest. Rancher's cattle are killed by those whose ambition is to "cleanse" the range and return it to Mother Nature.One can scarcely turn on the TV without being accosted by one of those "we must have wolves everywhere" programs. Wolves are shown howling. This is a prayer to nature according to the commentator. Wolves are shown silent. This, we are told, is because the wolf is in mourning for a fallen companion. Wolves are shown playing together. We must conclude therefore that the wolf is a fun animal with both religious and compassionate attributes.

What these documentaries never show is the wolf in action doing what it does best, i.e. killing other animals by ripping them to pieces with its fangs, until the victim dies of blood loss or shock.

Now if a prison warden offers death-row inmates an option - death by firing squad or death by attack from a pack of hungry wolves - can we really expect the wolves to get a lot of work? Still the animal-rights activists insist hunters are cruel.

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These people insist the wolf must be reintroduced because it once lived here. One could use the same rationale to advocate the expansion of the rat population complete with the bubonic plague. Indeed, a prominent scientist at the disease control center stated that he was preserving the last remaining smallpox virus because that virus was "part of an ecological niche."

The Arctic Circle is a good place for wolves and environmental extremists, along with the politicians who support them.

F.T. Gardiner


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