Now that Betty J. Eadie's book, "Embraced by the Light," has spawned a small near-death genre, it's time for a new author to examine the issue from a whole new angle. To whit: What if someone were sucked downward instead of being lifted toward heaven?

That's the premise of a forthcoming book by Angie Fenimore, signed up by Bantam Books. Irwyn Applebaum, Bantam's publisher, said Fenimore's book, "Beyond the Darkness: My Near-Death Journey to the Edge of Hell," would discuss the alarming consequences of the author's 1991 suicide attempt. "Instead of heading toward the light she found herself heading toward the darkness," Applebaum said.In the end, Fenimore is saved, of course, and now has understandably strong opinions about the futility of suicide as a problem-solving method.