I listen to the Christmas windBring the blind bells to humankind

And I hear on the caroling air

The great question and answer.

Mother, why is that star so bright?

It shines with all Heaven's light.

And what do the sweet bells say?

Today is Christ's birthday.

Mother, why the holly's thorn?

To show how His flesh was torn.

And what is this bitter frost?

Our cold hearts when Christ was lost.

O Mother, the pain, the sharp pain!

Hush, He will rise again.

I hear this in the Christmas air.

God's peace, go everywhere.

--Leslie Norris

Bethlehem's Blues

Wisemen are in short supply these days.

As are kings and shepherds, come to that.

Pregnant virgins get but little play.

Bing Crosby's stormed away without his hat.

Bet Bethlehem's a supermarket now.

Forget the donkey, lamb and cow.

There's scant room at the Holiday Inn.

No dromedary, no babe within the bin.

Now sure, all these and others even stranger

Circle still in fire light, star light 'round.

Distant bells, wind, whispers th'only sounds.

Drifting past us as we rivet on the manger.

It's just the world's knelt at the Blue Light altar.

Glossy adverts far outweigh the news.

You'll be trampled if in Nordstrom's store you falter.

Yet Christmas nestles down amidst it all with Bethlehem blues.

--G. Barnes

The First Christmas Pageant

The Wise Men from the East saw a star in the east,

yet headed west.

The Wise Men to the west

missed all the signs--

even in Isaiah.

When Joseph showed up late,

without reservations,

the innkeeper stole the scene

with his clever kindness.

The birthday gifts

seemed out of place.

Still, it all worked out.

--Jerry Johnston

Christmas Greetings

It seems the miles grow longer

Between your house and mine.

Memories of the joys we've shared

Are almost dimmed by time.

We go our separate ways,

Our creeds are different, too;

We never could agree on a political

point of view.

Then the magic spell of Christmas

Descending from above

Renews our faith and courage

And fills our hearts with love.

We lay aside our daily tasks,

Take time to reminisce,

And with the season's greetings

We bridge the year's abyss.

--Josephine H. Taylor