Have you turned on the television and said to yourself, "Oh, no! Not another O.J. Story?"

The Boring Institute, of Maplewood, N.J., is familiar with this phenomenon. It releases an annual list of celebrities who have had "massive media overexposure" during the year.Here are the institute's Most Boring Celebrities of the 1994.

1. O.J. Simpson.

2. Paula Jones.

3. Prince Charles.

4. Roseanne and Tom Arnold.

5. Bob Barker.

6. Michael Fay.

7. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

8. Garth Brooks.

9. Kurt Cobain.

10. Arkansas.

"We try to get a good cross-section when we select our favorite boring celebrities by year's end," says Alan Caruba, founder of the Boring Institute. Vice President Al Gore took top boring honors last year. Previous honorees are the entire Royal Family (1992), Madonna (1991) and Donald Trump (1990).