Blistex is in the lips service. The company's lip-care specialists have, for the 15th year, commemorated the year's events by announcing "World's Most Beautiful Lips" awards for 12 newsmakers.

Here are the famous lips for 1994:Most Striking Lips: Donald Fehr, executive director, Major League Players Association.

Most Arresting Lips: Dennis Franz, actor.

Nobel-ist Lips: Nelson Mandela, president, South Africa.

Most Shielded Lips: Andre Agassi, tennis player.

Most Defensive Lips: Alexi Lalas, soccer player.

Lips with the Most Gumption: Tom Hanks, actor.

Most Immortal Lips: Anne Rice, author.

Most Maskuline Lips: Jim Carrey, comedian/actor.

Stiffest Upper Lip: Al Gore, vice president.

Most Silver-lined Lips: Nancy Kerrigan, ice skater.

Most Giving Lips: Oprah Winfrey, TV personality.

Most Yabba-dabba-doo Lips: John Goodman, actor.