Due to an error, convicted killer John Connor thought he was getting out of prison 10 years earlier than he actually will.

An employee of the Board of Pardons and Parole mistakenly typed the year 1997 on his parole notification, instead of 2007, the actual date.Connor, who is in prison on a one- to 15-year sentence for shooting Roy Dunsmore during target practice when he was 15, was notified about the mistake after the wrong date appeared in a Deseret News story.

Connor's prison sentence was originally stayed by a judge who thought he had the potential to change his life. But after he ran from a halfway house twice, Judge Leslie Lewis sent Connor, now 18, to prison in May of this year.

He will be paroled Jan. 23, 2007, after serving 13 years in prison. He will be 31 years old.