Elsie "Johnnie" Campbell, died peacefully on Friday, December 23, 1994 after a valiant struggle with cancer. Friends and family and pleased to say that she was "Meaner than Hell!" right to the last.

Johnnie was born in Birmingham, Alabama on October 1, 1923 to Lulubelle Newsome Bishop, her father, John Newsome, having died two months before her birth. Those were hard times so Johnnie and her four sisters were raised in the Anthenum Orphan's Home in Birmingham.Johnnie was a hellcat and a spitfire and always championed the causes of her sisters. No one dared mess with the Newsome girls while Johnnie was around. In her teenage years, she organized sit-down strikes among the students in a Catholic girls' orphanage. Besides their rigorous schedule of school, sewing and church, the girls asked for Saturday afternoons off and a dime for their week's labors. They got it.

She joined the Women's Army Corps in 1943, and served in the Women's Air Force for six years. She met her beloved husband, Keith Campbell, in, well if not a bar "fight", certainly a bar "argument". She demanded (and got) their first date. He adored her for the rest of his life.

She loved to sew, read and correspond with friends and family the world over. After a stroke left her partially paralyzed in 1975, she taught us all that tough times are best met with a good sense of humor.

Johnnie is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, David and Manuela Campbell; her son, Mark; her daughter and beloved son-in-law, Tootsie (Ruth) Campbell and Nye Thuesen; and "adopted by heart" daughter, Peggy M. Christensen. She is also survived by her cherished grandchildren, Neolle and Jeffrey; her two darling sisters, Gene and Edie; her precious nieces, Pud and Sissy; and a host of friends and family whose lives were so much richer having known her.

Johnnie didn't want a funeral, saying if we had a viewing she would sit up and say "Boo!" So her wishes are being respected as always. Friends and family are gathering at her daughter's house at 1630 East 3150 South in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, December 27, 4-6 p.m. to raise a glass of champagne to celebrate the life of this amazing woman.

Those who knew Johnnie will understand that flowers are not necessary. Instead, she would want you to donate to your public library, or better yet, vote for a democrat!

Directors, Lindquist's Bountiful Mortuary.

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