These booklets are available free or for a small fee by sending your name, address, item number and the appropriate fee to R. Woods, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009

- "Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior" (item 313B, 50 cents, 46 pages) is designed to help children up to 9 years old develop fairness, respect, courage, honesty, compassion and more. It's helpful for adults, too.- "Child Health Guide" (item 102B, $1, 40 pages) is a pocket-size booklet with information about immunizations, tests, child development and more. Helps parents keep track of doctor visits, exams, shots, etc.

- "Preparing Your Child for College: A Resource Book for Parents" (item 510B, free) has work sheets and checklists to help you and your child plan for college academically and financially. Gives examples and charts of typical college costs; suggests ways to save and invest; discusses financial assistance.

- "How to Buy Surplus Personal Property from the Department of Defense" (item 110B, $1, 51 pages), lists types of items for sale and includes bidders' applications.

- "How You Can Buy Used Federal Personal Property" (item 319B, 50 cents, eight pages) describes how the U.S. General Services Administration advertises and sells used government equipment and industrial items. Lists types of items for sale, how they are sold, forms, accepted payments and where to call for more information.

- "U.S. Real Property Sales List (item 515B, free, 16 pages) lists government properties for sale that are sold by auction or sealed bid. Tells how to get more information on specific properties. Revised quarterly.

- "Quick Consumer Guide to Safe Food Handling" (item 531F, free, eight pages) explains how you can avoid food poisoning by learning how long some foods can be safely frozen or refrigerated.

- "Eye Wear" (item 325B, 50 cents, eight pages) describes your rights to your eyeglass prescription and contact lens specifications. Tells what different eye specialists do and gives questions to ask when shopping for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

- "Kids' Vaccinations Get a Little Easier" (item 545B, free, five pages) explains that some vaccinations are now combined. Learn what they are and how they work to keep your baby healthy. Includes vaccination schedules.

- "Patient Restraints" (item 546B, free, five pages). These devices help people with disabilities and bed-ridden individuals maintain good posture and avoid falls while providing physical safety. Booklet lists guidelines for safe use.