The Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, has issued a sheetlet of 12 stamps that combine to form a unified design image on the theme "Space Exploration."

Featured are: Voyager II, the Sputnik, the Apollo-Soyuz, descent of the Apollo 10, insignia of the Apollo 11 mission, the Hubble Space Telescope, Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Lunar camera, Lunar Rover, Apollo 12 astronaut Jim Irwin, Apollo 12 Lunar Module, and Lunar soil extraction.Also released by the Maldives on the space theme were two souvenir sheets. One illustrated Apollo 9 astronaut David Scott making experiments in 1969 of the Lunar Module Systems Performance. The second showed Apollo astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr. waving a salute to viewers on Earth in 1971.

- Syd Kronish