Bosnia's Christmas cease-fire generally held Monday, as low level military activity continued in the northwestern Bihac pocket and U.N. officials scrambled to negotiate a four-month comprehensive cease-fire among the warring parties.

Commander of U.N. forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Gen. Michael Rose, met Monday with Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic and was expected to speak to Muslim-led Bosnian government officials about a four-month cessation of hostilities that would be an extension of the current seven-day holiday cease-fire.Meanwhile, military activity persisted in the Bihac pocket, some 160 miles northwest of the capital Sarajevo, where rebel Muslims and neighboring Croatian Serbs are fighting for control of Velika Kladusa against the Muslim-led Bosnian government army.

U.N. military spokesman Maj. Kool Sol said shells were fired Sunday morning from positions of Croatian Serbs and rebel Muslim forces into the town, where small-arms and machine-gun fire was heard.