I find some of your editorials incredible in light of the fact that the Deseret News is church-owned. Sometimes I feel you must be an organ of the new world order. In you recent editorial against cutting the budget of the unconstitutional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, you side with a murderous agency that massacred scores of innocent people in Waco, Texas, with the FBI's assistance.

I think the Office of Management and Budget has a great idea in slashing $53 million from the BATF to give in new grants to local police. Some of the stories I have read about their attacks on law-abiding citizens have shattered my trust in the agency and I trust local police much more than I do federal police.You say the agency is responsible for enforcement of federal gun laws. These are also unconstitutional. You point out that the agency has a bigger job because of passage of the Brady bill and the ban on assault weapons, which are both unconstitutional.

My only regret is that this only gets rid of 530 BATF field agents and about one-quarter of the agency. The whole agency should be abolished.

Gordon Norman