A determined group of concerned citizens recently formed a timely organization called "Justice for Children." The noble objectives of this advocacy group address the following concerns:

1. Provide increased citizen participation to improve the condition of the child welfare system.2. Demand that the recently enacted Child Welfare Reform Act be more fully implemented.

3. Extend the guardian ad litem program for the protection and legal rights of neglected children.

4. Provide for increased quality foster care services, with legal provisions to ensure that chronically abused children will not be returned to the same adverse home environment.

5. Provide that case workers be administratively accountable for children in jeopardy and that judges terminate excessively long parental-rights cases.

As a former legislative sponsor of child-abuse legislation, I urge public support of the Justice for Children organization as a timely investment for the betterment of the human family.

John E. "Jack" Smith

Tooele County