Lehi Elementary School officials recently honored six people - including some of its teachers - for actions that they say have made a difference at the school.

The teachers received "You Make a Difference" awards, which recognize local contributions to public education and are funded through private donations to the Alpine Foundation.The six Lehi Elementary awardees, who were nominated by Principal Philip Armstrong, are Deborah Leavelle, Glennis Devey, Steve Carlson, Gayla Morrill, Rick Phelps and Carrie Dawson.

Leavelle, an art teacher, has successfully written grants for the school, adding art supplies, musical instruments, textbooks and library books to Lehi Elementary.

Devey has taught first grade at the elementary school for 33 years. Because of her efforts, more than 1,000 children have learned how to read, Armstrong said.

"(She) has opened young minds to the wonders of the written word, the key to all learning," he said. "We would like to thank her for her devotion, diligence and love."

Lehi Elementary's custodian, Steve Carlson, does all the thankless jobs that most people take for granted unless they aren't done, Armstrong said.

"(Carlson) keeps the school and grounds clean, safe and warm," he said. "He is pleasant with students and faculty and takes pride in his job."

Morrill is a teacher's aide for special needs students at the school. She assists those students during breakfast and lunch hours, helping them eat in the same environment as other students.

"Her talents are an abundance of patience, a positive attitude, dependability and thoughtfulness," Armstrong said. "She is easy to please, but her students know when she means business."

Phelps and Dawson are both volunteers at the school.

Armstrong said Phelps gives of himself unconditionally and because of that he is well-loved at Lehi Elementary, while Dawson works tirelessly to ease the burden on the school staff.

"We feel that we owe our volunteers a great debt of gratitude," he said. "They are willing to serve our school in any capacity, and are always gracious, friendly and genuinely concerned for the welfare of our students."