June H. Waite, 94, wife of Wm. Noble Waite, passed away on December 22, 1994, in Whittier, California.

She was born in Fallon, Nevada on June 29, 1900. She attended the University of Nevada (Reno), receiving her degree in 1922. She married William Noble Waite of Bunkerville, Nevada on June 13, 1923, in Reno. They had five sons, Noble of Temecula, Calif.; Wm. Richard of Chino, Calif.; Merwin of Hacienda Heights, Calif.; Kenenth of Damon, Texas; and Wendell of Reno, Nev.The young family moved to California from Fallon in 1926. Raising the five boys was June's main and demanding activity, although she too was active in varied positions in her church, and supportive of her husband in his many community activities. June became a hooked rug specialist and taught this art in the evening schools of Los Angeles. Noble served in the presidency of the South Los Angeles Stake for two decades. They relocated in Provo, Utah after he was selected to be a vice-president at Brigham Young University in charge of university development.

As the wife of a stake president in the '40's and '50's, June entertained many of the visiting General Authorities. Noble was placed in charge of raising the money for the Los Angeles Temple by President David O. McKay. He also served as a stake president in the newly formed student stakes at Brigham Young University until he was called to be the mission president of the Scottish Mission in 1961, where June served as the mission mother. After Noble's death in 1965, June lived in her BYU campus home for the next 26 years, traveled extensively, kept involved in the church and entertained many of her grandchildren who came to the BYU Campus to study.

She is survived by her five sons, 28 grandchildren, 64 great-grandchildren, and a brother.

Memorial services are to be held in the Hacienda Heights 2nd Ward of the Hacienda Heights Calif. Stake at 1 p.m. on December 27, 1994.

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