Exxon took away Gene Leahy's gas station. So Leahy gave away Exxon's gas.

Evicted by the oil company after a bitter fight, Leahy got revenge on his final day of work by giving away the last of his gasoline."Rather than give the gasoline to Exxon, I'd rather give it to the public," said Leahy, 49, who ran the station for 25 years.

He pumped about 1,200 gallons for longtime customers and others on Monday. He invited the beneficiaries to donate $5 to a charity for children with cancer.

Exxon canceled Leahy's lease after a dispute over whether he could buy gas and other products from more than one supplier. Leahy, who lost a federal lawsuit, contends he was evicted in revenge.

Exxon could not be reached for comment.