Better than chocolate: It's awfully soon to complain, but there are some Christmas gifts we didn't get Sunday that we really wanted.

And we just can't rest until we talk about it.For instance, those Poopets made by the Amish group in Arizona. We can't believe no one thought to get us a "Turdle" or "Stool Toad" made of cow dung for the office. They're actually supposed to be worth having for the garden and for the office plants.

It seems strange that everybody missed the chance to speak to us in an earthy fashion. Aren't we worth $12.95? And how about the clip-on antlers for our dog and cat? Or the angel costume that comes in two sizes for Rover and Spot? That would have been something we could really use around the house.

We didn't get a Fred Meyer mouse pad, or a cordless beard and mustache trimmer. And there are electronic stud finders out there that aren't ours.

(They find the 2-by-4 in the wall by sensing changes in wall density - what did you think they did?) Sigh. Maybe next year.

Christmas wishes: And then there are all those other intangibles that no one got for Christmas . . . such as a solution to pollution, a way to stop suffering and poverty or reduction of the national deficit.

We'd settle for an answer to Utah Valley's traffic congestion crunch, relief for the middle class at tax time or a way to ensure that the politician you elect will carry through your wishes.

O' Christmas tree: The Boy Scout tree lot on State Street in American Fork featured a large hand-painted signing reading: "Boy Scout X-mas Trees."

Nothing wrong with Scouts selling Christmas trees. But we found the sign rather curious considering one of the hallmarks of the Boy Scout program is a strong belief in God. This is one organization that probably shouldn't take the Christ out of Christmas, unlike the makers of X-Men who promote the toys on television with a "Merry X-mas." They can get away with it just because of the name.