Ada County wants Paul Revere - of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame - to pay delinquent taxes on some land in southeast Boise.

A legal notice in Sunday's edition of The Idaho Statesman tells Revere to pay up by Jan. 19 or lose the property.The amount of delinquent taxes is just $9.91. But he also owes a 20-cent penalty, $3.63 interest and $450 in late fees on the .08 of an acre valued at $1,000.

Revere had a string of '60s-era gold records, which, combined with other interests, made him a wealthy man. He and his band continue to perform, often at Nevada clubs or aboard cruise ships.

"We haven't heard from Paul," Ada County Treasurer Barbara Bauer said Monday. "It could be he just misplaced the bill and forgot to pay it. Or, on a small piece of land like this, people sometimes decide it's not worth it to them to pay the taxes and they don't want the property anymore."

Revere is listed as a part owner.

"He just never bothered to change the names on the title," Bauer said. "It may be he forgot all about the property."

About 40 to 60 parcels of land end up on the late list each December, Bauer said. But state law allows property owners to be delinquent for three years before the county has to claim the property and auction it off.