I'd like to offer another perspective on the Olympic bid issue. Here in Utah, we now have what is arguably the nation's strongest economy. People and businesses from around the country are flocking to our state, increasing the prices of real estate as well as increasing the population. Our tourist industry is booming very nearly to capacity, and our ski resorts expect the years ahead to be their best ever, largely as a result of Utah's still-valid reputation as an uncrowded, unspoiled destination area.

What do we expect the Olympics to do for us? If our economy moves any faster, inflation will surely be the result. If even more people are attracted to the area, we will face unprecedented crowding and erosion of our quality of life. This would certainly diminish the visitor's experience, which in turn will be bad for business and the economy. Nobody wins, except the Olypmics promoters, and this all assumes the Games can pay for themselves. As others have so eloquently noted, what if they can't? The ability of any Winter Games to break even has been called into question.I urge the citizens of Utah to give serious consideration to the full implications of the Olympic bid we face. I call for an open, uncensored debate of the issue.

Michael D. Bush