While day planners are handy and far more portable than computers, business executives also realize that planners are less flexible and more limited than computers.

That's why an Orem software firm has developed personal planning software that it hopes will replace or enhance the thriving day planner business. Business experts estimate more than 10 million people use day planners to manage their time. Software Studios' Personal Computer Planner can be more useful in managing time than the traditional book system, company officials say."We looked at the limitations of a paper-based system," said Calvin Chipman, Software Studios senior developer. "Then we designed a simple program to overcome those weaknesses."

Personal Computer Planner allows the user to automatically carry forward uncompleted tasks from one day to the next. Tasks can also be grouped into specifically designed topics and events can be categorized into user-defined categories. The user can then print the planner into the size of seven commonly used planners.

"People love those little planner notebooks, so we gave them the ability to enhance their current system with just a task list, or replace it with event calendars by the day, week or month," Chipman said. "With categories, our planner allows the user to view or print all tasks and appointments, or just those belonging to a specific project or group."

The software also allows users to prioritize tasks, schedule recurring events and print calendars for any time period. The software has the ability to print a history of events and completed tasks for any designated time period, a tool that is valuable in tracing job performance.

Personal Computer Planner works with laser, ink-jet and dot-matrix printers. The software works with Windows versions of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word. The software package sells for about $40, less than most paper day planners. For information about the software call 1-800-700-0545.