An armless man and two other Norwegians have reached the South Pole in an unsupported expedition, their spokesman said Wednesday.

"Cato Zahl Pedersen is the first handicapped person to reach the South Pole," Hans Christian Erlandsen, spokesman for the "Unarmed to the South Pole" expedition, told Reuters.Zahl Pedersen, 34, Odd Harald Hauge, 37, and Lars Ebbesen, 39, reached the Pole just late Tuesday.

"They are in good in shape," said Erlandsen, who was informed of their arrival via the U.S. research base at the South Pole.

Zahl Pedersen, who lost his arms when climbing an electric mast as a boy, pulled a sledge weighing 220 pounds.

The expedition, in which the three carried or dragged all their equipment and supplies, started at Berkner Island on Nov. 4 and covered 820 miles in 54 days.

The three will be airlifted from the Pole on Jan. 6 along with Norway's Liv Arnesen, 41, who Saturday became the first woman to reach the South Pole alone.