On Sept. 9, we received our property valuation and tax notice. It stated the total amount and itemized the calculation. This was the only notice we received.

Due to a Nov. 30 deadline, I filled out the valuation notice with the specified amount on a check and mailed it Nov. 26.On Dec. 16, I received a regular property tax notice. On it was the calculations they had used to arrive at the amount due. They had added two items not on the valuation notice, one was called refuse fee, the other was called garbage fee. Could this be one and the same fee? Who knows? Then there was a $10 penalty fee. Therefore I owed them another $90.82 check.

I am 77 years old, with a game leg, bad eyesight, etc. I cannot spend time chasing up to their office at an appointed time or stand in line to appease their rules. Considering the above, I do not feel any of this was necessary. Nor was it a fault of mine.

Good luck to the new Salt Lake County treasurer.

Homer J. Thorup

Salt Lake City