Certain Box Elder County property owners will see their property taxes increase slightly in 1995, due to a change in the library fund tax rate from 0.00007 mils to 0.00018 mils.

According to county auditor Carlla Secrist, the change will mean, at most, a $2 increase on the library fund portion of the tax notice.The increase excludes property in Brigham City, Tremonton and Garland, since those property owners contribute to the same fund through other sources.

During a recent public hearing, Secrist and commissioners explained that the increase is necessary to help fund the Bookmobile Program in the county. The county's cost for the Bookmobile in 1995 will be $96,000.

"We don't want to diminish the service to the rural areas of the county," Commission Chairman Lee Allen said.

The tax increase is the first in any of those funds in six years, he said.