Results of the Associated Press survey of the top stories of 1994:

1. O.J. Simpson, 2660 points.

2. The elections, 2444.

3. Baseball and hockey labor troubles, 1188.

4. Susan Smith, who drowned her sons and claimed they were kidnapped, 1016.

5. Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding, 918.

6. Haiti, 896.

7. Failed health care reform, 838.

8. Southern California earthquake, 834.

9. Rwanda, 727.

10. Palestinians replace Israeli occupiers in Gaza Strip and Jericho, 696.

The second 10, in descending order:

South Africa's first democratic elections make Nelson Mandela president; ongoing war in Bosnia; Richard Nixon dead at 81; the United States signs GATT, the world trade treaty; the rash of U.S. plane crashes; Jackie Kennedy Onassis dead at 64; six interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve; Lorena Bobbit deemed not criminal but crazy when cutting off her then-husband's penis; CIA veteran Aldrich Ames and his wife, Rosario, confess to selling U.S. secrets to Moscow; American Michael Fay caned for vandalism in Singapore.