Consumer confidence in the Utah economy should continue strong in 1995 but not at the record levels of the past few years.

That's the forecast of the quarterly Index of Consumer Sentiment, a poll of consumer attitudes and activities that has been running at its highest levels since the University of Utah's Survey Research Center first began measuring consumer sentiment in 1986.Current attitudes on local economic conditions are at an all-time high but may be in the beginning stages of a gradual decline, said Lois Haggard, director.

She said the fall survey indicates Utah's "phenomenal growth" will likely continue next year although at a slower rate.

"This is not bad news for Utah since the rate of growth that we have been experiencing has not been sustainable," said Haggard. "The numbers seem to indicate that Utah will remain in a growth cycle, with the rate of growth declining to a more sustainable level."

The survey measures consumer sentiment through a random telephone survey of some 800 consumers statewide.