Many of us harbor a great deal of respect for our Jewish cousins, but it pains me to read some have an evident ax to grind.

We owe it to the descendants of Judah for the preservation of the Christian Bible, so why do they misread the United States Constitution wherein it is supposed to point out the sacredness of separation between church and state? Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention anything about church or a state. But this false premise has gotten so pointed that it has the potential of ruining our God-given powers of right reason.Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion. Law scholars advise us that other world governments have been financing churches, even commercialized and professional religion, and that was unwanted and unneeded, so thought our Founding Fathers.

Let our dissident Jewish friends entertain open minds and learn of each other's faiths as it is our privilege and opportunity to do without the threat of real or imagined persecution, a blessing that ought to be preserved and protected.

W.G. Emmett