Now the Republican (borrow and spend) Party is back in power, let us see how much debt they can run up this time. They really did a bang-up job during the Reagan-Bush administration.

But of course, that debt was the fault of Congress. Correct, they gave Reagan and Bush everything they asked for. The only opposition to the "Voodoo Economics" (as Bush rightly named it) came from the Democrats, and they did not last long. Any one to go against Reagan was doomed. In other words, prior to Clinton, there has not been a piece of Democratic legislation passed into law in nearly 15 years.Every piece of Democratic legislation that made it through Congress was killed with a veto and with the help of the Southern Democrats. Yet, the Democrats get the blame for the enormous debt run up during the Reagan/Bush years.

From the looks of this last election, the public likes living off the credit card. It is really neat - that is, until the bills come due. Better consider who is going to be paying.

For the next two years, Clinton is in a no-win situation. Everything bad, he will receive the blame, and anything good, the Republicans will take the bows. I have a hard time understanding why such a hatred prevails for Clinton and Hillary. What have they done to deserve such feelings?

Oris Hansen