Republican Salt Lake County District Attorney-elect Neal Gunnarson, who earlier failed to file his final election financial-disclosure report on time, has been asked to respond to a Democratic allegation that he failed to properly disclose expenditures.

Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swenson sent a letter to Gunnarson on seeking a response to a complaint from state Democratic Committee Chairman David Jones.Gunnarson's report, due Dec. 8 but filed Dec. 13, details campaign receipts and expenditures between Oct. 24 and Dec. 12.

Jones said it did not include radio and newspaper advertising expenditures.

Gunnarson said that his radio ads were paid for in advance in three payments to Brighton Communications totaling $4,150. The expenditures were reported in his Oct. 24 disclosure statement, he said. He said he also paid Video West $1,340 for radio preparation.

As for the newspaper ads, "I'm surprised that isn't on there. I apologize if it wasn't accurate. My secretary kept track of it."

Referring to his checkbook, Gunnarson said he paid the Eagle newspapers $694.80, the Newspaper Agency Corp. $885 and the Magna Times $168.

Gunnarson said "it was just an oversight" that his report came in late. "I was so busy I didn't instruct my secretary to do it," he said.