Four men were arrested this week for suspicion of burglary after police found a videotape of them along with stolen property.

"It was more or less the icing on the cake," said Cache County sheriff's detective Sgt. Von Williamson. "We've got a slam-dunk case without the tape. It just solidifies what we have."He said police found the videotape and other stolen property during a search of a suspect's residence in Brigham City.

A Box Elder County sheriff's detective was viewing the tape "when all of a sudden, `blip,' here these guys are on the screen," Williamson said.

Deputies declined to give more details about the contents of the tape except to say the suspects were taped at the end of footage of a family vacation.

Williamson said the tape was stolen with a camcorder the night of Sept. 12 in a string of auto burglaries at a Logan motel.

Three of the four suspects were arrested Monday. A 22-year-old Brigham City man, an 18-year-old Wellsville man and a 19-year-old Honeyville man were booked into the Cache County Jail on suspicion of 11 burglaries and three thefts, ranging from class A misdemeanors to second-degree felonies. A 19-year-old Brigham City man was arrested Nov. 23.

Deputies said they recovered $5,000 in stolen property from three of the suspects' residences.

The men are suspected in about 50 break-ins in Cache County and burglaries in Ogden, Box Elder County and at Utah State University, said Cache County sheriff's detective Jim Meacham.