The establishment behind our government and bureaucracy will be doing the job of salvaging its agenda after the November elections.

Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve and a former board member of Morgan Guaranty, one of the banks that own the Federal Reserve and finance the national debt, now has to up the interest rates every month or so. Ostensibly this is to slow the rate of inflation, but in reality it is to increase profits to the owner banks.Does anyone believe he really is interested in the economic health of the average citizen? The only reason rates are low now, with inflation so high, is behind-the-scenes maneuvering with the Reagan presidency to cut interest and inflation in 1981. Reagan offered a tax cut with no guarantee from Congress for a matching spending cut. He got it, and his first-year debt was higher than Carter's entire term. With an increased debt load, the banks didn't need the high interest to make the same money.

Neither party's established leadership offers us any real hope of reduced interference. The core leadership of each party belongs to the Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign Relations - elitist groups whose design is to center political power with their members and followers exclusively. Prominent Democrats in this group include Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, Feinstein and Robb. Republican members include Dole, Lugar, Bush, Kemp and even the great Gingrich. Independents involved include Perot and Colin Powell.

As reported in the May 29, 1992, Wall Street Journal, Perot was sponsored for membership in the CFR by George Bush. Could his opposition to Bush have been orchestrated to preclude any third-party opposition they didn't have their hooks in?

The best thing about the November election was not that Republicans won a majority, but that about 70 incumbents who cater to the system were beaten and were replaced by newcomers who don't know how the system is supposed to work.

Randy Vahsholtz