City Council members are still trying to find a way to bring Utah Jazz games into the homes of television cable subscribers in Nephi.

Council member Chad Brough said he thought the city should apply for a window that would allow residents to view KJZZ."We have only a couple of days to apply in April," said Brough. "I don't want to see us miss the window."

He suggested there might be a way the city could work through the county to get a translator constructed to carry the cable program.

"The county commission did discuss the possibility," said City Attorney Don Eyre Jr. "Their position was that they did not have the money to put up a translator. The people in Eureka were turned down on a similar request."

Commissioners feared they would need to provide expensive translators to all communities if they provided one for Nephi.

Eyre said the commission might consider acting as agent for the city but would expect the city to pay all costs.

"Would the County Commission consider paying maintenance costs if the city pay to build the translator?" asked Randy McKnight, city administrator.

Brough said the translator would need to be built on West Mountain in Utah County.

Eyre said the county has translators on Eureka Peak near Eureka, but those translators provide regular television and do not include KJZZ.

Council members wondered if translators built in Eureka on Eureka Peak could be used to bring KJZZ to Eureka and Nephi.

"Repeaters have a narrow range," said Eyre. He suggested the city check and find out what would be the best place to build a repeater and what the cost would be.

"There must be some way for the city to fund such a project," said Brough.