Something about the season is bringing people out of the woodwork to offer the Princess of Wales all kinds of unsolicited advice.

For instance, no less a periodical than Money magazine is telling Di (and everyone else in the English-speaking world) that she should hold on to her jewels, hold out for a $20-million lump-sum settlement and hold on to her hat till Charles takes it into his royal noggin to initiate divorce proceedings.By the same token, a woman named Peggy Thornton who purports to have been Di's astrologer for seven years was scheduled to tell the folks at "A Current Affair" Thursday night that Di "is the sort of person who would remarry. And I believe she will again. I picture perhaps four or five years' time . . . There's still time to have more children, and I believe she will."

We believe she will, too, but what's truly interesting is the astrologer's memory of Di's response to her suggestion years ago that she resume marital relations with Charles:

Di's reply: "Oh, no, no, no."

(And "no, no, no" means "no, no, no," even in England.)

- Roger Anderson