All private citizens who use Davis Energy Recovery facilities will be directed to the citizens' facility, located at the waste energy plant, instead of the landfill - beginning Jan. 1.

According to LeGrand W. Bitter, district director, the new plan will result in more convenience and less confusion for the public, since they will almost always go to one location, instead of traveling to the landfill - several miles away - only to be directed back to the burn plant.He said the only exceptions for not going to the citizens' facility include such things as dead animals.

"All citizens could use both the landfill and citizens' facility," Bitter said. "But it's more convenient to come here to the citizens' facility."

The citizens' facility is reached by a paved roadway and is located on a clean, paved lot.

The citizens' facility also includes limited shelter from the weather and includes separation bins for recyclable items.

District employees have also been instructed to assist the handicapped or elderly, or those in need, with the unloading of heavy items at the facility.

Citizens who are uncertain if they should take their waste to the landfill can call the district office at 771-3032.