I am proud of Sen. Bob Bennett for getting involved in the illegal alien problem. How many other politicians would have taken the time and effort to ride with police and witness drug deals being made by illegal aliens?

Taxpayers are paying out billions each year for welfare, unemployment, public housing, free health care, bilingual education and even free legal defense costs for illegal aliens. More and more American families are made homeless because many illegals have moved into low-income housing and have caused a severe shortage. Criminal aliens account for more than 25 percent of the federal prison population, not to mention state prisons and city jails. Many people living in the remote areas of Texas and Arizona have been robbed and murdered by illegals. Refugee and asylum laws are being abused, and counterfeit documents are being used rampantly.We need to put our military forces along our borders and build secure land barriers to keep these people out. The ones already here should be deported and no future amnesties should be allowed.

Hope Bisbing

Brigham City