Residents of The Cottonwoods may not get to vote next week after all on whether to incorporate as a city.

Salt Lake County planned to ask 3rd District Judge Homer Wilkinson on Friday to stay an order requiring it to hold the election by Jan. 7.A vote is inappropriate, and possibly moot, until the Utah Supreme Court reviews that appeal of the judge's decision, said Chief Deputy County Attorney Bill Hyde.

Residents who have led the fight for the would-be city are furious at what they say is the county's attempt to circumvent the will of the people.

"We feel that it's just more of their chicanery to not have this hearing clear until this Friday when the election is supposed to be Wednesday and Monday is a holiday," said Trisha Topham.

Wilkinson ruled on Dec. 7 that the County Commission acted contrary to law last September in deciding not to hold a vote on the proposed incorporation. He ordered the county to hold an election on the issue by Jan. 7.