The city desperately needs a new shop to replace its small and aging yard on West Gentile. Thanks to a generous donation by a prominent local family, Layton should have a new facility sometime next year.

"We've outgrown it," Alex Jensen, city manager, said of the current shop located behind the post office.He said the city made offers on four properties, preferring to have one in the Hill Air Force flight zone, where residential growth is restricted.

"However, in all of our efforts, we came up short," Jensen said.

Then the city went to the Harris and Ethel Adams family, which ownsconsiderable property on Antelope Drive.

The result is the city purchase of 5.3 acres for $90,780 and a donation by the Harris Family trust of another five acres - worth more than $80,000.

"I think they're being very generous," Mayor Jerry Stevenson said.

The remainder of the land is being purchased with capital improvement money the city has saved over many years, he said. Thus, no bonding or loan financing will be required.

The new shop will be located east of the Adams home, west of Fort Lane and south of Antelope Drive.

Jensen said the city plans to build the shop during 1995. The next step is to design the facility.

Voting on the land purchase was unanimous. However, since Ethel Adams is a City Council member, she did not participate in the council's final discussion on the proposal, nor did she vote on it.