Salt Lake County District Attorney-elect Neal Gunnarson has tried twice to file a final accounting of his campaign finances, but still has not provided all the necessary information, the county clerk says.

Gunnarson was to meet late today with County Clerk Sherrie Swensen to go over his amended disclosure report.It may have omitted thousands of dollars in campaign spending, is unclear on how Gunnarson handled loans and paybacks to himself and failed to list addresses and telephone numbers of donors and vendors, the clerk said.

"I'm not sure he's aware himself what's missing," Swensen said Thursday.

Gunnarson had been scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon with Swensen - who will administer the oath of office to him at noon Tuesday - but postponed the meeting until today to get his campaign account in order, Swensen said.

Gunnarson, a Republican, defeated Democratic Salt Lake County Attorney David Yocom for the new office of district attorney.

Gunnarson was a county prosecutor when he resigned under pressure in 1989 after a Yocom-ordered investigation showed he had charged hundreds of dollars of personal long-distance phone calls to Salt Lake County.

Repeated attempts to contact Gunnarson for comment Thursday were unsuccessful.

Utah Democratic Party Chairman David Jones earlier raised questions about Gunnarson's filing regarding radio and newspaper advertising.

Gunnarson, who had filed his final report five days after the legal deadline, filed an amended report on Dec. 22.

Accompanying the amended report was a notarized affidavit from Gunnarson's campaign secretary, MeKelle Andrezzi, in which she took blame for the report's inadequacies. She said Gunnarson provided her with information relating to newspaper and radio ad costs she had overlooked. Andrezzi also said she assumed any remaining funds in the campaign account were loan repayments to Gunnarson.