Parking on a portion of the north side of Rosewood Lane is now illegal. The City Council has unanimously approved a no-parking ordinance for 488 feet along the narrow road.

Doyle Talbot, Layton police chief, said the addition of a new apartment complex on the street made the ordinance necessary."Rosewood Lane's just not wide enough," he said.

Talbot said this ordinance is typical of the no-parking laws also in effect on Main Street and Knowlton Street.

No residences on Rosewood, other than the apartments, are affected by the no-parking zone. Talbot also said if the apartments weren't so close to the highway there wouldn't be a problem, because people won't park and walk a considerable distance.

Talbot doesn't expect the no-parking zone to hinder traffic flow but rather to enhance it on the narrow country-like lane.