Four couples are embroiled in a custody battle over a 5-year-old girl whose parents' long-running domestic dispute led to their deaths last summer.

Kamiah Marchant was in the bedroom with her mother, Misty, when her father, Kenny, blasted his way into the house and, after shooting to death a family friend, killed her mother with a shotgun.After the early morning July 4 killing of Kirt Swann, 32, and Misty Marchant, 29, Kenny Marchant, also 29, fled to his father's home in Clinton and then killed himself.

Four couples - three relatives and one friends of the dead parents - are involved in 2nd District Judge Michael Glasmann's decision on visitation and temporary or permanent custody of Kamiah.

The judge has set a Feb. 2 hearing to sort out the claims.

Kamiah was staying with Tammy Perea, Ogden, a half-sister of Misty Marchant, until last week, when she went to live with Paul and Angela Marchant, Layton. Paul is the brother of Kenny Marchant.

Another half-sister of Misty Marchant, Theresa Lloyd, and her husband Teddy, of Corona, Calif., have petitioned the court for custody, as have friends of the parents, Wade and Allyn Draper.